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Terms and Conditions

1.Open for Bangladeshi Citizen.
2.Must have a valid mobile phone.
3.Only Highest viewed photo will be selected as a winner.
4.Upload only 3 best shots-photos taken by you only.copyrighted materials will be not accepted.

Previous year's photos
admin posted Dec 22 '17 at 5:15 pm
Hi photographers

Here are some rules and regulations regarding submission of photos.

Please do not upload other photos, you may violate copy write rules. Upload your own photos that were taken by you only. A watermarked on your photos is appreciated.

Give a suitable title and a little description of your photos.

Do not post any link on the comment box

admin posted Dec 7 '17 at 6:29 pm
dear fellows

Your photos will not be watermarked by us.Only photos uploaded by admin bear Watermark.

It is wise to have a watermark on your photos.
you should put a watermark on your photots

There are some good tutorials on youtube on making a watermark using Photoshop

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